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Striving for the first period of 19 years 𞓜 excellent employees in 2018 (I)

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The steady development of the company is inseparable from the enterprising and striving employees. After recommendation and screening, some employees stand out. Let's take a look at who they are?

Li Qike is in charge of the production management of the condenser and bending I. Under the leadership of team leader Li, the condenser has grown from 45 sets / day per capita at the beginning to 276 sets / day today, which is close to the same level in only 5 months. Because of the product model, material length and other reasons, the blanking machine can not keep up with the speed of the pipe bender. He arrives at the workshop to prepare materials for the employees before 6:40 every day. When everyone has lunch at noon, a person silently prepares materials in the workshop until the employees return to have dinner. Because of his silent efforts, the project of condenser can be steadily advanced.

Yang Jinwen, who is in charge of the work of the next part and the mending and hanging in the circulation line, is still high-yield. He has been conscientious, responsible, hard-working, hard-working and obedient to all work arrangements since he joined the company. The group leader told Xiaobian that in summer, the temperature of the silk tube evaporator was as high as 100 ℃ after electrophoresis drying, and his arm would burn out if he was not careful. Even if he was injured, he would not affect his work at all.

Sun Jun, a handsome and shy assembly line welder, has been employed since 2016, welding in strict accordance with the process. Among the teams, the welding technology is the strongest, with an average leakage rate of 0.06% in 2018, 3-4 times lower than that of the same post. In addition, in daily work, his work position is always kept clean and tidy, the team takes the lead in sanitation, has a harmonious relationship with his colleagues, respects the teachers and Fu, and is highly praised by his colleagues.

Dong Linlin, the leader of the assembly team in the refrigeration workshop. The assembly team is the longest assembly line in the refrigeration workshop, with many processes and complex product structure, which is well managed by her. At the scene, you will find her everywhere. As long as the online employees don't understand and say hello, she always arrives at the employees with the speed of thunder and patiently guides them. As a team leader, we should obey the work arrangement to the top, care for the employees to the bottom, have ideas, and have ideas as our example.

Li Tingju, cold storage workshop, is responsible for the front and welding of the packaging line. He works conscientiously and takes everything into consideration. The responsible area does not need leaders to worry about all the time. From work to work, her equipment area is always the cleanest and the machine maintenance is the best. In the past two years, she has been able to complete the plan of the day with quality and quantity guaranteed, with a qualified rate of 98%. She has always been a good helper of the leadership.

Song Guoyun, the copper distribution workshop, is responsible for the expansion work in the copper head team. To say her advantages, the team leader has repeatedly stressed that she is fast! When other employees have a production capacity of 10000 pieces / day, she can achieve 13000-15000 pieces / day. When she works, she can compete for minutes and seconds. She has done a lot of talking. In addition, she often puts forward constructive opinions and contributes a lot to team production. She is an excellent employee with ideas and sense of responsibility.

Anlufang, who is in charge of the packing work in the capillaries of the copper matching workshop, is actually a hidden expert in the copper matching workshop. In addition to the packing process, she has also mastered the positions of coiling spring, chamfering, wearing, burning and shrinking. She is a real versatile worker. Near the end of the year, the task of external capillary is large. The daily output is planned to be 16000 and the actual output is more than 20000. The task is overfulfilled to ensure timely delivery.

Huang Jianfang of the aluminum tube workshop is responsible for the work of wire receiving and pressure maintaining. During the work, he is conscientious, responsible, careful and considerate. He considers everything, observes the abnormalities in the work in time and reports to the leader. Throughout the workshop, her production capacity has been in the top two, with few quality accidents. She works hard and conscientiously, does not cheat, and is a worthy excellent employee.

Wang Xiaoqi in the fin workshop is responsible for the work of the bender in the tension and expansion team. He has a great sense of responsibility. He makes every effort to divide the scrapped products into categories at 6:30 a.m. every day and deliver them to the scrapping room at 7:20 a.m. on time in a year, regardless of the wind and rain, and does not occupy the working time. In his own work, he has increased the production capacity of bends from 700 sets per day to 1000 sets per day, and completed the task of the day with quality and quantity guaranteed.

Liu Fengmei, a versatile worker in the fin workshop and the packaging team, obeys the team's arrangement and is willing to work hard. Although her understanding is not high, she has strong initiative and high enthusiasm. She works overtime to 23 o'clock every day by herself and learns argon arc welding by herself. Only half a month later, she has become a qualified argon arc welder. In addition, she also mastered manual welding and automatic welding, solving the problem of insufficient welders for the workshop.

Wang Kangjun in the fin workshop is responsible for the work of the tube expander in the expansion team. He is simple, honest and responsible. He arrives at the workshop at 6:00 every morning to confirm the materials, and prepares the materials in advance according to the plan of the day. Before work, he will prepare the mold in advance according to the product model of the next day. When making technical samples, he completes the task independently according to the drawings without the worry of leaders.

Jiang Wei, the equipment department, is responsible for the equipment maintenance of wire pipe workshop and copper distribution workshop, as well as the equipment relocation and installation of the company. He is proficient in the equipment performance, structure, principle and equipment maintenance technology, and can solve the equipment failure in the workshop in time to ensure the smooth production.

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