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Striving for the first phase of 19 years 𞓜 excellent employees in 2018 (2)

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Chen Baobao in the refrigeration workshop is responsible for coil work in the feeding team. In February of 2012, he was employed, from oxidation to feeding, proficient in coil, flattening, shaping, expanding and other positions. He is a conscientious and responsible multi skilled worker. Chen Baobao told Xiaobian that work is like farming. Only when you are practical and willing to work can you have a harvest. Everything you do is the same. If you can't do one thing well, you can't do it well in other places.

Qiu Binghu of Meiling branch, who used to be the foreman of refrigeration packaging, was responsible for the components of Meiling freezer. He set up a team from scratch. From the first one, he has developed into a team of 30 people. With new business and new environment, he overcame all kinds of difficulties. With efficient implementation, he won the recognition and good comments of customers.

Wang Hui, administrative and human resources department, is responsible for the salary accounting of refrigeration and fins. She actively interviewed the employees who wanted to leave, understood the reasons for their leaving and made timely improvements to reduce their leaving rate. Treat the staff carefully and patiently, do their best to communicate with the team, care for the life of the staff, improve the sense of belonging and happiness of the staff, and do a good job of logistics service for the workshop production.

Zhao Li, sales accountant of financial department, is diligent and responsible in his work to ensure the accuracy of all kinds of output statements. After work, we should constantly enrich ourselves through study, improve professional knowledge, and apply for the accounting title examination, and strive to serve our work with solid business knowledge.

Cheng Lili, quality department, is responsible for the process and after-sales work of cold storage workshop and copper distribution workshop. Self requirements are high. On the basis of departmental indicators, higher indicators are set up, and KPI such as qualified rate and process scrap are all up to standard. Treat work fairly and fairly, especially when quality penalty is involved, do not target anyone. Familiar with the company's product process, strong position ability.

Zhu Wenya, process engineer of the engineering department, is mainly responsible for the on-site process improvement of new product development in the fin workshop, completing the new product mass production target of the fin workshop in 2018, developing more than ten new products in mass production, assisting the main engine plant in R & D and production of prototype, maintaining a good cooperation relationship with the main engine plant in R & D, and providing strong support for the company's new product R & D.

Pang Qiangsheng, a salesman in TCL area of Sales Department II, has not failed in a single product since he was responsible for TCL's business. When TCL is on load, work overtime to overcome the pressure of personnel and ensure no delay in delivery and online. Go deep into the scene and exercise 20000 + steps every day. Strong communication skills, timely communication in case of problems, minimize the loss.

Tang Shian, head of stamping team in sheet metal workshop, is responsible for the stamping of vulcanized plate and adhesive plate and the forming of embossed aluminum plate. He has been employed for many years and completes the plan according to the quality and quantity every day. The bottom plate forming requirements of Hualing refrigerator are extremely high, the gap is within ± 0.1mm, and he has never made any mistakes. Under his promotion, the group of aluminum plate forming for knurling increased from the initial 3-4 to 8-10, playing a good leading role in the workshop.

Li Bin, head of the embossing and oxidation team in the sheet metal workshop, is responsible for the embossing, oxidation, selection and other work of the embossed aluminum plate. Usually, he doesn't speak much and is willing to work hard. Under his leadership, the number of embossed aluminum plates increased from the initial team of 14 people to 20 people, from the monthly output of less than 200 tons to the minimum output of 400 tons, with a significant increase in per capita efficiency.

Wang Xiaoyao, sales department I, is responsible for docking with Midea's freezer business, following up the delivery and arrival of products, ensuring the production of customers, solid business and strong communication ability. When there is a quality problem or delivery conflict, he will arrive at the scene as soon as possible, communicate with customers in a timely manner, and properly solve the problem.

Cheng Yan, purchasing department, has been working in the Department for many times, is familiar with the procurement of various materials, is good at studying business, constantly optimizes the review report of procurement materials, and is willing to share with team partners. As a pregnant mother, she takes care of her work and body. The inconvenience of her body doesn't stop her enthusiasm and never slack off. Even before the day of childbirth, she still insists on working.

Tang Shujun, planning and logistics department, started in October 2014, transferred to the finished product warehouse in 2016, and engaged in the fin packaging and transfer. During the work, he actively contacted the salesman and prepared for delivery in advance. During the moving period, I was solely responsible for the fin packing of Hualing and completed the moving task in advance. Often put forward feasible suggestions, make a great contribution to the warehouse site improvement.

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